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Homecoming is a tradition of celebrating UPM's alumni to foster the sense of belonging among alumni, to enable alumni to meet old friends and acquaintance to strengthen friendships among alumni and Alma mater. It is also seen as the platform for alumni to share memories they've experience together with course mate, lecturers, and new alumni.

The Homecoming Programme in UPM started from the year 2001 and involving close cooperation between the UPM Alumni Centre together with the UPM Alumni Association and the Homecoming Programme has been incorporated as one of the recurring events in the Celebration of the UPM Alumni Day on 21st of May.


10th November 2001 ● Homecoming Dinner I

20th December 2003 ● Homecoming Dinner II

3rd September 2005 ● Homecoming Dinner III

8th September 2007 ● Homecoming Dinner IV

22nd May 2010 ● Homecoming Dinner V

21st May 2011 ● Homecoming Dinner VI

10th November 2012 ● Homecoming Dinner VII

15th November 2014 ● Homecoming Dinner VIII

21st Mei 2016 ● Homecoming Dinner IX

6th Ocotber 2018 ● Homecoming Dinner VIII

10th November 2018 ● Homecoming Dinner X

1st October 2022 ● Homecoming Dinner XI

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