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UPM Alumni Day 21 May

The history of the establishment of UPM began on the 21st May 1931, when the Agricultural School was officiated by Mr. John Scott, administrative Officers of the Southern Straits, and the ex officio of the High Commissioner of Malaya Associate. The original Commemorative plaque is still there attached to the historical building, which is now part of the Faculty of Human Ecology.

This historical date has gone by every year without realising its significant. Therefore, UPM has recognised 21st of May as a date to remember the history of the establishment of The Agricultural School in Serdang, Selangor. Without the establishment of this original institution (The Agricultural School), UPM would not have existed, and so do its graduates and alumni. The success of UPM all this while lies in the commitment and hard work as well as determination of its staffs, students, and alumni until today. UPM is very grateful and appreciates the contributions and services given by the staff of UPM in developing this university to greater heights.

UPM will continue to drive its legacy of glory and leave behind a meaningful historical heritage and continue to have a big impact to the development of the country especially in generating skilled workforce in numerous sectors particularly in the country's agricultural sector.

Various programmes/activities has been outlined and planned throughout the year to celebrate the UPM Alumni Day on 21st May and among them are:

Updated:: 14/10/2022 [syahidasyraaf]